Note Conceptuelle: Consultations régionales de jeunesse de 2017 sur le thème de l'année : Tirer parti du dividende démographique par des investissements dans la jeunesse

Les Consultations régionales de la jeunesse en Afrique du Nord organisées par la Plate-forme africaine pour l'architecture de gouvernance (AGA) sous le thème «Améliorer la participation significative des jeunes au processus électoral en Afrique». à Tunis, en Tunisie.

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Concept Note: North Africa Regional Youth Consultation, Tunis, Tunisia 2017

The North Africa Regional Youth Consultations organized by the African Governance Architecture (AGA) Platform under the theme "Enhancing young People's Meaningful participation in Electoral Process in Africa”. The Consultation will take place in Tunis, TunisiaThe aim is to garner youth perspectives on overcoming barriers to meaningful engagement and participation in electoral processes

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   المذكرة التعريفية حول (المشاورة الشبابية الإقليمية ) حول تعزيز المشاركة الشبابية في العمليات الإنتخابية في شمال أفريقيا من الفترة( 27حتى 29 ) سبتمبر 2017 تونس 

الاستشارات الشبابية الإقليمية حول موضوع العام 2017:

الإستغلال الأمثل للثروة الديموغرافية من خلال الإستثمار في الشباب

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Concept Note: The Third Annual High Level Dialogue on Democracy, Human rights and Governance in Africa: Trends, Challenges and Prospects

The African Union (AU) organs and institutions that form the African Governance Architecture (AGA) and its Platform (AGP) 1 are convening the Third High Level Dialogue on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance focusing specifically on how democratic governance can be leveraged to silence Africa’s blazing guns. Given the fact that weak democratic governance is part of the structural causes of Africa’s protracted violent conflicts, it is imperative that a more sustainable and meaningful response to violence is entrenched.

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Concept Note for the Gender Pre-Forum

The mandate of the African Union (AU) includes among others promotion of peace, security and stability as well as democratic principles and institutions, popular participation and good governance on the continent. This is in part recognition of the fact that women suffer the most in times of conflict and yet they remain relegated at the periphery of initiatives aimed at building peace and democratic governance. In addition there is an acknowledgement that women are change agents with skills, capacity and ability to bring positive change in pre, during and post conflict situations.

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Common African Position on Humanitarian Effectiveness

The African Union adopted a Common African Position on Humanitarian Effectiveness during the 2016 Ordinary Sessions of the Executive Council and the Assembly

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African Governance Newsletter (French version)

C’est avec fierté que nous vous présentons l’Édition janvier-juin 2017 de la Newsletter sur la Gouvernance africaine. Ce numéro est unique, pour différentes raisons. En effet, ce numéro est notre première publication en cinq ans ; il représente l’aboutissement de nos efforts pour raviver cette newsletter périodique et contribuer au corpus de connaissances sur la gouvernance démocratique en Afrique.

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African Governance Newsletter

We are honoured to bring you the January – June 2017 Edition of the African Governance Newsletter. This issue is unique for a number of reasons. It is our first issue in five years and is the culmination of our efforts to revive this periodic newsletter and contribute to the body of knowledge on democratic governance on the continent.

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Department of Political Affairs at a Glance

The Department of Political Affairs (DPA) of the African Union Commission is responsible for promoting, facilitating, coordinating and encouraging democratic principles and the rule of law, respect for human rights, participation of the civil society and the development process of the continent and the achievement of durable solutions for addressing humanitarian crises.  

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