Elman Human Rights and Peace Center

Founded: 1991

Country: Somalia

Web: www.elmanpeace.org


      Location:  Km 4 Mogadishu, Somalia- Banadir

      Email: info@elmanpeace.org

Social media:

      Facebook: Elman Human Rights and Peace Center

     Twitter: ELEMAN PEACE & HRC



Elman Human Rights and Peace Center is an independent, non-profit, non-political, non-governmental organization registered with the Somali Government and also internationally with the Canadian government. EPHRC was founded in 1991 by the organization’s name sake, Elman Ali Ahmed. Elman was the pioneer human rights activist at the height of the Somali civil conflict and strongly believed in his work and unwavering responsibilit...y to have a positive impact on those that are less fortunate than him. Elman was assassinated in 1996 for his relentless efforts to help the peoples of Somalia and became a martyr for his work. To this date Elman is referred to as the Somali father of peace and thus; he will never be forgotten and will remain a glinting example for all Somali peace and human rights activists. His incepted work is sustained by peace and human rights activists whom operate against all odds for the betterment of the Somali peoples in a country fraught with risks and constant uncertainty. EPHRC is established and well respected among the Somali Civil Society Organizations, UN agencies and other international entities.


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