Tamazight Women Movement

Founded: 2015

Country: Libya

Web: @tamazightwomanmovement


Location: Tripoli, Libya-  Al Jarabah Street

Tel: + 218 9183 46686

Email: twm.info.pr@gmail.com

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Facebook: Tamazight Women's Movement

Twitter: @itamazightwomen


The Amazigh movement seeks  to obtain the rights outlined in the UN Declaration on the rights of Indigenous People. They have suffered under the forced Arabization of their identity.  They have been prevented from registering newborn children under Amazigh names and been forced to give them Arabic names. Many of them have also lost their language, as they have let their communities, moved to urban centers in search of a better life and been forced to assimilate. The children of these migrants grow up in schools where they are taught Arabic and French and they lose their language, and grow up disconnected from their Amazigh roots.

Amazigh people suffer most where they are isolated in more rural areas and they do not have access to the necessities of life.  Many Amazigh people live in isolated areas without access to education, medical services or justice. Many women give birth at home with only the help of midwives and are unable to access the assistance of professional doctors. Many women and babies suffer from the complications that arise from this predicament. Even when Amazigh women are able to travel to hospitals, they are often not given the proper assistance because they are not able to communicate with hospital staff in Arabic or French. This often results in misdiagnoses, negligent medical treatment, and the potential exacerbation of an existing medical condition by the prescription of inappropriate medication.

The Amazigh movement seeks to remedy all of these problems and to bring about recognition of the Amazigh as the Indigenous inhabitants of North Africa. It seeks to improve access of Amazigh people to the necessities of life. They are seeking the improvement of laws and policies to recognize the rights of the Amazigh people.

There are several associations working for this. Not only in Morocco, but across North Africa.There have been several political parties created to rally for the rights of the Amazigh people.  These have been most common in Algeria, where the Amazigh political parties include; the Socialist Forces Front, the Rally for Culture and Democracy, The movement for the autonomy of the Kabylie,  and a political movement called the Arouch.


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