Sixth High Level Dialogue

The Dialogue will be held in Pretoria, South Africa from the 6 - 8 December 2017.  
Concept Note can be downloaded from the website both in English and French under Resource tab.


2017 High Level Dialogue on Democracy, Human Rights & Governance in Africa: Trends, challenges and prospects.
This year's theme "Enhancing  young people's participation and representation in Governance in Africa is in line with the AU theme on Harnessing the demographic divided through investing in youth and the 10th anniversary of the adoption of the African charter on democracy, Elections and Governance.

High Level Dialogue

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ENGLISH -CONCEPT NOTE : Sixth High Level Dialogue
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Press Statement: Sixth High Level Dialogue
Press Statement: High Level Dialogue




Write to us

15.11.2017 // By Sahar Homrani

Hello, How can i participate please?

16.11.2017 // By Clement Makuwa

AGA is really doing much better on engaging young people in these processes. Youth participation is very critical at all levels. It could have more important and progressive if all Member States were following suit. Unfortunately its just cosmetics at country levels

17.11.2017 // By Asma meramria

I say yes for youth, young people build Africa. Woman and men are the key to improving the world

17.11.2017 // By FODJOU Christian

I'm the President of UNITED AFRICA. It is an association of young Africans with the main aim of promoting youth empowerment and sustainable development of our communities. I'm very interested and would like to be present in this Sixth High Level Dialogue.
My email :
Line (+237) 693515292

18.11.2017 // By Ratovoson Juliana

Good morning.
I am a leader from Madagascar, I lead an association named Malagasy Youth for Development-Y4D and I am a Director of partnership and development as well. I would like to ask how to participate to this 6th high level dialogue. Here is my email address:
Thank you

18.11.2017 // By Stella Agara

I am concerned that the above subject seems to be quite harshed in this continent which happens to be one of the most affected by tax evasion and IFF in general.
The centrality of this conversation to youth and the cause of harnessing resources for youth development cannot be over emphasized. It also has a huge bearing on migration which is highly affecting youth. I recommend that this be highlighted and I'm happy to input where needed.

18.11.2017 // By Egbe Yvonne Ako

Hello AGA, i'm a student in Cameroon ,being a country that is face with a lots of political imballance, and as such most younth fear to get engarge in elections etc... I'm interested by the thème and i wish to be a participant....How should i go about it?
Thanks Yvonne Ako

22.11.2017 // By Hazel Birungi

I would love to attend the dialogue. How do I apply?

05.03.2018 // By Pwanangba Josi…

Hello there, my name is Pwanangba Josiah Eric, i'm a young Nigerian who shares thesame interests in governance and human rights issues especially as relates to Africa and Africans.
I am interested in joining this community (6th High Level Dialogue). I will most appreciate if you could give me a guide as to how to go about that please.
Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.