AGA Clusters

The Platform serves as the coordinating arm or catalyst for the achievement of the goals of AGA. In this role, it does not assume or duplicate the functions established by other policy organs, rather it provides a framework for interaction, active engagement, synthesis and convergence amongst them. The Platform is organised along five clusters and these are:

a. Democracy:
i. Elections
ii. Parliaments
iii. Political Parties

b. Governance:
i. Public service and administration
ii. Local governance and decentralisation
iii. Anti-corruption and accountability

c. Human Rights and Transitional Justice
i. Norms and Standards
ii. Redress Mechanisms

d. Constitutionalism and Rule of Law
i. Rejecting Unconstitutional Changes of Government
ii. Executive, Legislative and Judicial Systems

e. Humanitarian Assistance
i. Free Movement of Peoples
ii. Refugees
iii. Protection of Civilians





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