AGA Knowledge Management Strategy

As part of efforts towards improving the African narratives on democratic governance evolution in Africa, the African Governance Architecture has designed the Knowledge Management Strategy as a guiding framework to enhance the capacities of the African Governance Platform Members efforts towards capturing, storing and disseminating knowledge on democratic governance trends on the continent and brokering it to the appropriate recipients. Over the years, there has been a significant growth of knowledge materials on democratic governance in Africa. Universities, research institutions, think tanks, and civil society groups have authored policy briefs, reports and research analysis to engage with the most pressing structural, institutional and policy issues on the continent. In alignment with the Pan-African ideal of finding African responses to the challenges facing the continent, researchers have answered the call to study these challenges and how Africans have responded.

Despite the above efforts, there still exist gaps in linking this wealth of knowledge to policy formulation processes on democratic governance at the regional and continental levels. In particular, as the AU works to promote the shared values instruments and other continental norms, forward-looking ideas and research are necessary to tackle the cross-cutting issues each of the AU Organs and Institutions face in the implementation of their respective mandates. While universities and think tanks in the region have made significant inroads, there exist not only gaps in implementing the policy recommendations of their research, but also in the quality and breadth of research on thematic governance issues.

Specific Objectives

1. Strengthen the capacity of AGP Members to play more pivotal roles in providing policy advice and support to AU Policy Organs

2. Build strategic partnerships and alliances with think tanks, research and academic institutions on the continent with the AGA Secretariat to enhance evidence based policymaking at the regional and continental levels; and

3. Enhance the AGA Knowledge environment by proactively facilitating and rewarding knowledge creation, transfer and use among AGP Members;

4. Improve the capturing of knowledge through the creation of AGA Knowledge Management repositories; and

5. Promote knowledge generation, and exchange as well as continuous learning in order to enhance evidence based policy analysis and policy making at the regional and continental levels.

6. Leverage on cutting edge communication tools to improve the work of the African Governance Platform Members

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