AGA Citizen Engagement

The African Governance Architecture – Youth Engagement Strategy provides a framework for strategic and effective participation of Africa’s young women and men in democratic governance intiatives of the African Union Organs and Institutions with a mandate for democracy, elections, human rights and governance in Africa. It seeks to leverage on the youth bulge as a potential resource for transformative development if adequately incentivized and capacitated. The strategy aims at contributing to the AGA efforts at improving democratic governance and structural prevention of conflict in Africa.

Specifically, the Strategy aims at:

1. Developing a youth oriented agenda for the promotion of African Shared Values (AU Norms and Standards) on democratic governance;

2. Facilitating qualitative youth engagement in the attainment of improved democratic governance and respect for human and peoples’ rights at the national, regional and continental levels

3. Improving the inclusion of African youth and their views into high level AU discussions on democratic trends in Africa;

4. Encouraging research and sharing of comparable lessons and knowledge on the trends, challenges and opportunities for youth engagement in democratic governance;

5. Enhancing the capacity of AU organs, institutions and RECs to support Member States to engage young people in programmes and initiatives aimed at strengthening governance and consolidating democracy; and

6. Fostering dialogue and engagement within the youth population in order to facilitate communication, the sharing of lessons learned and supporting youth in their efforts to build good governance in their Member States.

Through the strategy, the African Governance Architecture is contributing to the implementation of the African Youth Charter, the Youth Decade Plan of Action and indeed, all AU Shared Values instruments on youth participation and leadership. The Strategy which is in its pilot phase is implemented from 2016 to 2019.

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