Delegates Visit to the RDRC (Rwanda Demobilisation and Reintegration Commission) in Mutobo

By Tamara Nerima

The delegates attending the 2015 #DGTrends Youth Pre- forum to the Fourth High Level Dialogue were taken on a field trip to Mutobo to one of the ex-combatant rehabilitation centres run by the Rwanda Demobilisation and Reintegration Commission (RDRC). The RDRC was formed in 1997 by the government to oversee the planning and implementation of the Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Programme. The main objective of the commission is to promote and put structures in place that promote unity and reconciliation within Rwanda.

One of the initiatives of the commission is to rehabilitate former rebel soldiers (ex-combatants) and integrate them back into mainstream society with a focus on social and economic inclusion for them, making the transition into civilian life simpler.

I saw the possibility of an Africa without borders in Rwanda

By Tsitsi Mhlanga*

The Rwandan Government opened up their borders to me and 150 other delegates to the 2015 Pre Youth Forum to the High Level Dialogue on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance in Africa held from the 4th 6th of December 2015 in Kigali. We were able to get a visa to enter the country on arrival at the airport.

They let us explore the Baunagara Border Post and yes we stood on the no man land between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. There I saw the vision of a borderless Africa!

As we asked questions and saw the technological advancements that have been used to allow citizens to cross daily from Rubavu (Rwanda) to Gomo (DRC), I was struck by the many men and women freely walking across the no mans land. What drew my attention were the women, with their baskets, full of wares, mostly...

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